Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let The Merriment Begin

Welcome to our home for Christmas!  It is my favorite time of the year, but I will confess that it gets harder and harder to get all of the "magic" out each year.  But, once I get a few trees decorated, get my IPod going with all of my Christmas tunes, it gets easier and easier to keep going.

We don't do a lot of decorating outside, and I made only the smallest changes from last year.  My summer ferns still looked so nice at the front door that I hated to move them.  We also have pink roses still blooming nearby and so the green ferns compliment them more than my poinsettias that usually go there would.
 My old door arrangement that I have had for years.  Still looks pretty good, so I'll keep it for another year.  In my previous home this was an indoor decoration, but I like it on the door.  {I see I need to move the berries so you can see the whole sentiment!}
 The inside of all of my exterior doors get some sort of bells.  This set is my favorite so it gets the front door.  
 This little area is under the driveway canopy by the back door.  The bench is so handy for grandchildren watching as they play in our driveway.  This year I put the poinsettias here because I drive in this way every day, and most of our guests use this kitchen door too.  And this way the flowers are closer to the garage where they spend many cold nights.  I swear that it was 85 the day I bought these, and had been warm the whole month of November.  But the minute I put these out the wind started to howl, knocked one over and broke several flowers, and the temperature dropped 40 degrees.  It never fails!!  They look so pretty though, so we'll see what happens next year.  I always say I'm not getting these next year and then I always do.  Stay tuned to see what I do next year:-)   I use all artificial inside so I love having the outside "real".  The pillow is new from Pottery Barn this year.  LOVE it.

 This picture is from last year, but there is no change to our outdoor lighting so I figured I would spare the neighbors a good laugh of seeing me in my robe taking a picture of my house.  {Hmm...maybe I should have risked it because I planted a lot of purple pansies out front this year:)  They add a pop of color.}
Thanks for stopping by and come back to see some of the inside.  I'll say one thing for the blog parties, it motivates me to get it done and take a picture!!  I am so glad I have all of these pictures too, it sure makes it easy to see what worked and what didn't. I love to be able to check out last years decor, it makes this years job that much easier.

AND last but not least, this is my 100th post!  I can't believe that I have stuck with it so long.  I have decided to have a little Christmas giveaway in honor of the occasion.  All I can say is that it will be something Christmassy, I'm still thinking about it.  All of the commenters will be entered and I will have the drawing on Saturday, December 4th.  I so appreciate and enjoy each and every comment.  I am not always the best at commenting and so I know the time it takes to actually leave one.  Thank you!

Merry Christmas
I am joining Kim at Savvy Southern Style for her 4th Boring to Better Party.  Thanks for hosting Kim.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home at my party. I look forward to your inside decor. I don't do much outside either and isn't it the truth that the older we get the harder it is to drag it all out! Then we have to put it all away, too. UGH

Kat said...

Oh Sue, it all looks very good! Can't wait to see your inside decorations. I just finished mine last night...whew! I can't share photos yet though since I left my camera at Thanksgiving. My Mom is coming on Sunday and will bring it back to me, thank Goodness.'s cold here and I need to get ready for tennis. It's going to be a cold morning.

Congrats on 100 posts! Your giveaway sounds fun.


Vanessa said...

Hi Sue! I'm just coming over from Kim's party and have to tell you that I think your home is absolutely gorgeous and your front door decor is so welcoming, full of Christmas cheer! I would love to have you stop by sometime and say 'hi' and I also host a linky party every Friday that I would love to have you join!
P.S. I'm a new follower! :-)

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Very pretty! You have a beautiful home! I am sure the inside Christmas decor will be just as nice!!

Linda said...

I love your front door decoration and especially the sweet bells! Hopped over from Savvy Southern Style...I am a new follower!

Val said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the inside! I love the pillow on your bench!! Very nice! I hope you and Bob are doing well!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!


The Martys said...

I think you should pick your sisters name. ; ) It's looking good on the outside but I bet you are scrambling on the inside. Love the pottery barn pillow on the bench. Looks great there.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have a beautiful family...and a lovely home! I've enjoyed seeing your beautiful decorations! Happy holidays! ♥

Debbie said...

It's just beautiful to me! I laughed at the thought of you outside in your bathrobe.

Been there. Done that.
I also say that I'm not buying poinsettias again and just like you, I do it anyway.

They're just so pretty!

Bonnie said...

Congratulatins on your 100th post. The photos of your home are lovely!