Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Summer Draws To A Sweet Close

For me, the last day of August is the last day of summer.  Never mind the temperature, when I flip that calendar over and see the month September it signals fall ~ back to school ~ soups and chili ~ apples ~ pumpkins ~ you get the picture.  It doesn't matter that I live in Texas and it is still 100 degrees, or that our  kids have been in school for a whole week, or that there isn't an apple orchard any where near here ~ tomorrow the fall bins get opened and I turn my head and heart back to the inside and my little "nest."

So before I say goodbye to summer I thought I would share a few things we have been doing during these last few weeks.

One day after a long time in the pool Elizabeth really wanted to have a tea party.  And, this coincided with the first day of our new sunscreen sticks for the face ~ and as you can see they are COLORFUL and fun.  That stuff does not come off, which is great for sun protection, but not so great for Grandma's upholstery.  Hence, the outdoor party on a beach towel ~ no points for presentation, but they loved it.  

Next up was Elizabeth's Back To School lunch and outing with Grandma and Grandpa.  We went to grandma and little girl heaven the American Girl Store for lunch and shopping.

Somebody's excited.

Grandpa and his girl.

Yummy fruit and muffin starter.  And do you see that little polka dot box?  That is filled with conversation starters that our little first grader read to us as we waited for our meal.  

The yummy lunch was called the Bitty Picnic and came with a little hamburger and little hot dog.

I think this was one of Elizabeth's favorite things ~ they always bring the dolls a little cup and saucer, but this time they filled the tiny cups with lemonade.  She LOVED it.  

I am sad that I didn't get any more pictures, my battery died at this point, so no picture of her dessert sampler or her purchase of the day.  She picked the school supplies for her Kit doll ~ appropriate choice!

When we left the American Girl store our fun was not over, because we had Jackson's 2nd birthday party to attend.

Big brother Cooper and his cute party hat. {Jessica made the hats with the kids' initials} {{and just as I snapped the picture Cooper pulled his hat right in front of Ben's face ~ sorry Benny!}}

The party was so cute and Jackson just loved it!

Blowing out the candles ~ he had a cute Mickey shirt on ~ but it was removed in anticipation of that red frosting.

I can't believe our baby Jackson is 2!  I know I say it all the time, but it is really true ~ time flies!

We had a wonderful summer, and I am sad that it has come to an end ~ but we have company coming for Labor Day and we are hosting a large family BBQ on Monday so I guess it's not over yet!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Friends, Good Times

Our good friends, Robin and Jim, came down from Kansas to visit us a few weeks ago.  The guys played golf one day in our awful heat, while Robin and I floated in the pool, but the other full day of their visit we decided to go to a local vineyard for their grape stomp and harvest.

{I wonder if they planned to wear blue together ~ looks great!}

Jim was the only one of us brave enough to stick his feet in the grapes ~  ewww.

Makes me wonder if I really want to drink the wine after seeing this?!?

That little dishpan doesn't look like it will do the job to clean his feet ~ but luckily there was a BIG hose nearby.

Look what the Texas drought and heat has done to the grapes.  Turned them into raisins right on the vine!!

This little patch must have been near the sprinkler!

We had so much fun visiting with our old friends, although Robin and I did the gabbing, and the guys did this!

Dueling laptops!!

We had such a good visit ~ planning a weekend getaway in October to the Greenbrier ~ and beginning plans for a cruise to celebrate our joint 35th wedding anniversaries in 2012.  

Fun times ahead!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School Dinner

What to do on your millionth day over 100?

Have a party OUTSIDE!!

We have a first grader and 2 preschoolers this year and school begins in just 2 weeks.  I have to get my celebration in early, because I know their moms will do something fun and we have Jackson's birthday to celebrate, and that means do it when you can get an open spot on the calendar!!

{the reason the bullletin board is empty is because I had this gaping hole on the mantel and no great ideas of something to put there ~ and this morning I thought of this BB and thought I'd have the kids create something cute for it ~ good idea ~ didn't happen}

Class is in session.

The table is set with the red and green plastic ware.  I really love this color combo ~ and dug through a Christmas tub to find the napkin rings.  
{the table is clean ~ just old and kind of grubby, but I just soaped and hosed it off so I know it's clean:-) } 

There are presents for my back to schoolers.  I didn't take a picture of the contents, but there are several books, some fun school supplies, a journal for their upcoming school year and a fun toy ~ for FUN!

The kids' table had a fun snack/activity.

Elizabeth found her name, and a few other words.

The boys are hard at work.  I did see Ben spell his name, I think he had eaten it by this time:-)

Some yummy treats.  {some really bad light in my kitchen.  I want a new camera!!}

I pray these beautiful children will have a successful year, filled with friends, fun, and lots of learning.  

Joining Kim for Wow Us Wednesday.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cabin Fun

Our July disappeared in to memory yesterday.  I heard on the news that we were 100 degrees or over everyday in July and I know that explains the lack of energy ~ or lack of ANYTHING accomplished in July!!

But in between the pool time, I did take a picture or two and thought I would take a minute to remember.

This is a picture of sweet Jackson at the airport in the Admirals Club waiting for our flight to the cabin.  Jessica and her boys traveled with us and they were so good.

Here's Grandpa - caught working on vacation.

We are finally at the cabin ~ Laura and her two met us in Minnesota and traveled with us to the cabin.

Ben and Cooper ready for fun.  You can see the long deck behind the boys, this made for many races up and down all week.  They loved it.  {sorry I cut Jackson out of the pic}

Ben and Cooper on the boat.

They love to drive and our lake is small with usually no other boats on the water so they get lots of opportunities to do just that.  Don't you love Jackson's Barbie life vest?  I'll have to get a new one next year, I don't think I can get away with that on an almost 3 year old.

My sister and her family came up one day, and I was thankful that the kids could eat outside:-) 

Look who thinks he is so big!  No more booster for Jackson at the cabin.  He wanted to sit just like the big kids.  So cute!!

I think this was the best shot I could get of all 6.  Now that I have enlarged this picture I see I should go back and crop out my messy kitchen.  But - that would probably delay this post another month at the rate I am going so instead you get a glimpse of reality!

Another day Laura and Jessica's long time friend Nikki came to visit with 2 of her 3 children.

These 3 have been best friends since they were 1.  It is so wonderful to watch this friendship continue with the next generation. {Even though Nikki lives in Minnesota and my girls are in Texas}  Bob and I are also good friends with Nikki's parents.  They were our neighbors long ago and now have a place about an hour from our cabin.  Kate and I spent many hours watching our 4 play, and this trip we got to watch our grandchildren play!  What a blessing that is!!

Our sweet granddaughters at the little tea table.

And, as always, at the end of the cabin visit we always take a picture by the "big fish".

It's tradition.

Another fun summer at the cabin.  We treasure these memories and the time we get to spend with our family and friends.