Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas 2009 was very different for Texas! Look what we woke up to on Christmas morning! It snowed for most of the day on Christmas Eve and was very windy. But Christmas morning brought lots of sunshine and no more wind. Bob and I were ready to go very early, but the kids didn't make it over until nearly noon. They needed to wait until the roads melted - they were very icy.

Such a beautiful morning!

{click on any picture to enlarge}
The grandchildren's tree ready for action.
I put the adults gifts in the living room. It is a much smaller pile:-)
Let the fun begin.
Elizabeth is waiting patiently.
Cooper is enjoying his new book.
And Elizabeth loved her Rapunzel book - just what I wanted she said.

A big truck for Ben.
This toy was a hit. A pretty pink microphone. The disappointing part is that it appears to be dysfunctional - sometimes it works, sometimes not. It is going back to the store.
Ben was so silly - wish you could hear him.

And this is my favorite present - well and my photo book too. {the girls made me a photo book of pictures from throughout the year} I'm just sorry that I will have to put it away soon for another year.
We had a very blessed Christmas - the sickness swirling all around us gave us a brief respite on Christmas Day so that we could all be together - and for me that was the best present of all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Peppermint Party

The boys "party" was today. Cooper's friend Ashlynn joined us and the kids enjoyed some time playing and running around.I have the food a little out of order - this is the end of the meal - enjoying peppermint ice cream sundaes. That's really all the peppermint party is - a few peppermint foods and little treats. It's really just an excuse to entertain the grandchildren and some of their friends. My girls always have the nicest friends.
The boys are quite taken with their peppermint stirrers. They thought they were straws and couldn't figure them out. It was really something when they started to melt in the peppermint hot cocoa.

A little treat box with a few little treats inside. I love the place cards!

Cooper's dad will love this shot, but he is a very cute ladybug!

Little Jackson celebrated his 4 month birthday today, and he was crabby. Poor little guy must be getting a tooth - we just passed him around.
This was taken on Thursday at Elizabeth's preschool. They sang a few little songs in chapel and she had a large crowd to see her first performance.
In her classroom at the party for baby Jesus.
Ben got a cake too.
Such sweet times and good memories with the grandchildren. We are very blessed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Candy Land

Look who I got to watch yesterday! Almost 4 month old Jackson came to stay while Cooper and mommy went to the doctor. Today was going to be cookie day - but I decided these gingerbread houses would be easier and cuter. I didn't make these, a local grocery store sells them all ready to go. {love that!}
The kids are eager to get at it all decked out in their Christmas aprons and fun headbands.
Elizabeth was very careful in placing her candy.
Cooper just wanted to eat the candy - he is so funny!
Ben in action.
Cooper concentrating.
Elizabeth chatting.
Can you believe I took all of these pictures and didn't get one of the final creations? They were loaded with candy and are now safely at home with each family.
Fun and easy - just the way I like it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Warning : Lot's of pictures!

We had such a fun weekend with the grandchildren. It began on Friday with the St. Nicholas Tea Party, {previous post} and then we had Laura and Tom's kids Friday night while they went to the Nutcracker. We were to have them overnight, and we did, but Elizabeth ended up with a fever and because of her heart issues, Laura decided to come to sleep here after the ballet.

It was a beautiful evening and the kids' church was having a kiddie carnival and we had planned on going. Elizabeth was counting on seeing the living nativity. We decided we would still go and just stay for the nativity and then come home. Well, the best laid plans...the carnival was so nice and E said she felt good so we stayed for "just a minute." Here are Grandpa and the kids on the carousel.
They had many large bouncy things and here is Cooper coming through one of them. {Jessica and Ryan and family met us there}
This was our one mishap of the evening -sorry to include the pic of you with your eyes shut Ryan, but it's the only one I have of Ben and his fat lip. The poor little guys fingers were freezing so I had just tucked them in his pockets and sent him off and down he went - right on his face with nothing to break his fall. I didn't want to pick him up, I was afraid of what I might see! We couldn't really tell, but it looked like he just bit his lip, but the poor boy wanted his mommy! {me too} I held him for awhile and then Auntie Jessica took him into the church to clean him up and while in there a doctor checked him out and pronounced him ok - no stitches needed! Thank goodness. He was sad for awhile but we got him interested in some of the games and then he recovered.
They had a petting zoo and Frosty the snowman!
The kids spent the night and in the morning Elizabeth took a bath in my tub. Ben was afraid of the jets - even though they were off. Elizabeth had a great time with all of the bubbles.
Then on Sunday, Bob and I took the 3 grandchildren to the children's theater. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. The show was mediocre at best, but 2 of the 3 sat nicely and the other was just a little wiggly. They were all well behaved, especially considering the show and the fact that they couldn't eat in the theater.

Outside after the show.
You can see the wiggles coming out!
After that we stopped at Laura and Tom's new house. It's coming along nicely.
Then the whole family met at The Cheesecake F*ctory for dinner. We always went to the Plaza in Kansas City and ate there after seeing the lights, so maybe a new tradition is born in Texas. The area that the restaurant is located is a shopping center that does a nice job with the lights.
Lifting Cooper!
Now you can see why we call him Monkey Ben.
They love this fountain and you can spot one of them racing around it.
Cousin hugs.
Ending to a fun fun weekend! Such sweet children....