Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to School

September is past the half way mark and 4 of my grands are off to school.
Where did the summer go?

Even though I was not ready to say goodbye to summer, I knew that I had to get ready so I put a few goodies on the kitchen hutch to mark the special occasion.
{I see that next year I need bigger ABC's.}  
When I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some letters to paint, this was the only size available.  I think lots of people had the same idea because they were sold out in all of the larger letters.

The open book is an old reader from the 50's.
I was pretty excited when I acquired it because it is the same book I used in first grade.  I still remember those pictures that accompany the ABC's hanging above the chalkboard in my first grade classroom.
{I have a good memory for some things:-) }

The kitchen table got a few special things too.  The picture is of my girls on their first day of first grade.
{seems like yesterday :-( }

We like to take the kids on a little outing to celebrate the beginning of the new school year.
We took Cooper and Ben to Legoland last year and they wanted to go again this year.
Jackson got to go this year as he is beginning preschool.
Cooper and Ben are in first grade, and I can hardly believe I am typing that!
Last year was super crowded, and this year it was so much nicer with no line and not too many people inside.

This picture would break my heart if I didn't know the story behind it.
Jackson is peering through the fence to watch Cooper and Ben ride a swing type ride.

He looks like he's missing out, but in reality he did not want to go on it.  We tried and tried to coax him.
As he has gotten older he is getting fussy about rides.
So pitiful!

Ben is thumbs up on the little car ride.

Cooper and Jackson are ready too.

The boys loved the playland, and with fewer kids, I didn't mind them being in there.
Normally I get so nervous when there are so many kids and I can't keep track of mine but this was fine. 

And this year, because of the less crowded conditions, the boys were able to play at this lego table.  You build a big tower and then you push a button and the table jiggles, like an earthquake.
Building things and knocking them down, what could be more fun for a little boy?

For my TV addict boys the 3D movies were a big hit.  They had 3 or 4 different short lego cartoons and they thought it was great.

After a pizza dinner, and a quick trip through the gift shop we were finished.
Jackson loves his choices.

I think this is our 4th back to school trip with Elizabeth to the American Girl Store.
I love that she loves to go there, and I am already wondering when she will make a different choice.  She's growing so quickly.
She is off to 3rd grade this year.

I thought the flower ceiling was pretty.

Elizabeth loved this dessert! 
{She shared with us!}


The trip was a success.

I pray that all 4 of my grands have a wonderful year of learning!

We sure had a great time celebrating with them.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Are Still Celebrating

Our little Claire turned 2 ~ and celebrated her baptism last weekend.

Jessica had parties on back to back weekends and had to transform from Ninja's to ice cream.  She did a great job and everything was so cute.

Especially the birthday girl.

She loved her stroller from Auntie Laura, Uncle Tom and cousins Elizabeth and Ben.

And both of us grandmas had the same idea and got her her very first baby doll that looks just like her.
I think that's special, that it is from both of us.

And her mom and dad got her a mini tramp ~ 
it should prove interesting.

The next day continued with welcoming Claire into our church family.
She wore a silk dress that Jessica bought for her in China.

We are so thrilled to have Claire in our family.