Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Bob's sister, Sue, and her husband Dan flew down from Minnesota to visit us for the weekend. They had not been to our house yet, so we were glad to see them and show them some sights. We are downtown in a local spot that serves lots of different beers. Dan was pretty excited to try the Texas sampler. {Bob helped him}Dan is a huge race fan - they went to the track on Sunday.
Of course no trip is complete without a trip to this famous spot pictured below. We went in the afternoon, just to see the place. I guess someone semi famous was playing that evening, but I've never heard of him. I don't know much about country music.
Saturday evening the whole family came over for dinner. The only shot I got was of the boys watching their new movie CARS. I think they like it.
We had such a nice visit- now that they found out how easy it is to get here, I hope they will be back soon for another visit.