Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

We had our daughter and her family over for dinner on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Her in-laws were in town for the weekend and so it was a great opportunity to see them also. I took a few pictures before they arrived of the table - but none after they got here. Once I start talking I tend to forget about the camera. That is one of my wishes with this new blog, that I will do a better job of capturing our day to day moments on film.
The placemat is black and white, instead of blue or red as it should be, but all of my red table accessories are at the cabin in Wisconsin. I have a long way to go on cute tablescapes!!

On Monday the whole family came to swim and eat lunch to celebrate my birthday. (and I did not take a single picture!!) My daughters made a great lunch and I got to play with the grandchildren in the pool. It was our first official swim of the season, although we did have to heat the pool for a few hours for me to get in. ( I like my water warm) It was a great end to a beautiful weekend.

Getting Ready For Summer

Bob and I worked hard this weekend to get the yard ready for swim season. He did the heavy work, like building a small fence to hide our pool equipment, and I cleaned out 2 flower beds near the pool. The beds are small, and I didn't plant much, but it still took me all afternoon. I cleaned out the old mulch and weeds and planted a few purple flowers. It's a big improvement. (I should have taken some before pictures)
Our next job is to power wash the patio and get the furniture and accessories out and arranged. Then we will be ready for the days and evenings spent poolside with our family. It makes our hot Texas summers lots of fun.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And so it begins...

I have been following several blogs for some time now and have enjoyed them very much. I enjoy some blogs about decorating and organizing, some about books and faith, and then some (my favorites) about family and grandchildren. Many ideas have come from the blogs I read, new books to try, decorating ideas, and fun family traditions and activities to do with my family.

But I saw no reason to join in with a blog of my own. I don't have any special skills or talents, so there won't be any great craft ideas or yummy recipes or great photography here. What there will be are the day to day ordinary miracles that take place in my life by the grace of God. I have been blessed with a husband I love (almost 32 years), 2 beautiful daughters (inside and out), 2 great sons-in-law and 3 perfect grandchildren (and one on the way). This life is going by so quickly and I want a record - and I have no interest in scrapbooking!

And so it begins...