Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Fun

May has been such a fun month - here are a few highlights.

I was invited to a special Mother's Day tea party hosted by my granddaughter and grandson. They were so excited - and so was I!! Elizabeth set the table with her mom's china and helped her mom prepare the food. She had fun handing out our treats. Everything was yummy.
Ben couldn't wait for the ladies to begin.
The lovely table after our party. I neglected to get a shot before we messed it up. Elizabeth made our place cards and those pink flowers are paper - that Laura made. The other grandma and I were given the pretty bouquets to take home.
These next 2 shots were some I was practicing taking for the "blue hour." My camera is pretty bad - so they didn't turn out that great. These are of our pond and patio.

Speaking of the pond - we have a few ducks that live at our pond and of course that means in the spring we have baby ducks. I wanted to note the date this year that the babies appeared {May 13} Elizabeth and I counted 9 on that day - it was a Thursday and by Sunday there were none left. The pond is also home to a lot of turtles and it's not a great place to raise a family of ducks. I now know where the expression "dumb duck" comes from, as I watch the mother take those babies into an area where I can count 20 turtles or more. We just can't watch.

And on a happier note - Saturday brought Elizabeth's dance program. She takes dance at a rec center and they performed a tap and ballet number.
Here's mom catching some good shots.
I took a few flowers from my mother's day bouquet and made a little one for E. I had Ben give them to her after her performance. She really liked them.

We are so proud of our girl!!!