Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

So Many Books, So Little Time ~ 4 ~ The Children's Page

Just because I haven't done a book post since April doesn't mean I haven't been reading:-)  I have, and since I had so many books to share I thought I would do this post on some of the children's books I've enjoyed.

Elizabeth loves to read and I like to pre read the books I give her.  I don't read each and every book I give, but I have been reading more lately just because I love to read children's literature.  I've always agreed with this quote from my favorite C.S. Lewis. 

“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” 

Here are a few I've read.

These finish off the series of the Penderwick sisters for now.  I hear there will be 2 more titles in the series.  This is such a fun series about a family of sisters.  Elizabeth loved the first one and I know she will like these as well.  If you are looking for strong female characters these books are for you. 

These next 2 books were ones I saved from my girls.  I think I may have read them years ago, but decided to reread them.  

I am going to give Elizabeth Peppermints in the Parlor now.  It's an old fashioned mystery with lots of quirky characters.

This book was wonderful, but for a little older child.  It's about WW2 in England and a little abused boy who is sent to the countryside to escape the London bombings.  
Sweet, sweet story.

A fun book about the hunger of the children of a remote Alaska village to learn and of the teacher they loved. 

Another World War 2 book, this one set in France and it is about a small school hiding some Jewish children.  It's a short book and very good.

Elizabeth loved this sweet old fashioned book and I did too.  There are a few others in the series and I know we also read The Middle Moffat. 

This is supposed to be J. K. Rowlings favorite children's book.  It is an adult author that I really enjoy.

Another book from my girls' past.

Elizabeth likes many different series of children's books.  When your child  or grandchild is a voracious reader, series are your best friend!   Her mom has started her on many different series, but I have started her on a few of my old favorites.
 The first 2 are favorites from my era.

She really likes The Happy Hollisters.  There are about 40 books in the series and I have found lots of them in second hand stores "up north."  
{That's what we call the area our cabin is in ~ northern Wisconsin}  
The rest I bought on ebay.  I think I am missing 1 or 2.

This series was a favorite of my girls and she likes it a lot too, but as she is in 3rd grade now, we are steering her to more challenging books.
If you have a child just starting chapter books these are great ones for boys and girls.  

I use many sources for finding children's books.  I remember many books from my childhood, or from my girls'.  Of course now you can find all kinds of book ideas on pinterest too.  And then I use several books about books that have great suggestions.

My favorite is:  

I also use 

This is just a small sampling of the books I have for Elizabeth.  I haven't even touched on all of the picture books I have for the boys!  I'll save that for another day.

We love to read!

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