Monday, April 28, 2014

Around the House

When we bought our house in 2007 this is what it looked like.
I thought it had such curb appeal and loved that slanted roof over the front entry.

This was last week.

Where's the house?

The Bradford Pears have gone crazy.  
Now, I like Bradfords, for about a week in the spring when they bloom, although for some reason our blooms don't last nearly as long as some on our street.  But they are a weak tree and only last about 20 years.  

I took this picture this year, because I knew its days were numbered.

For you see, under the tree there is no grass.  It is getting worse every year.  And the worst part is the dirt from the yard washes down to the sidewalk, and so everyone who comes to my front door has to dodge the mud on the sidewalk.

This is the other Bradford, which we kept.  It just got a serious haircut.

Bye Bye 

Why, hello house:-)

Although I will admit it was hard to watch the tree come down.  At least we have a lot of wood for fires in the backyard.

Most of the shrubs were either not favorites, or very overgrown and the grass was all weeds or dirt.

Now after a hard week of work we have this:
(we didn't do a lick of the work)

Almost all new shrubs and new sod.

A little color hanging from the tree.

A new bed was added by the street and it's so nice to have a little color out front.

The only work I did was to plant my 2 front pots. 
I always put ferns out front, and then spend the summer sweeping the front porch of all the little dead fern leaves.  I decided this year to try little boxwood balls and ivy.  The hope is that they will actually grow and live for more than a year.

That's one more big job off the retirement list!

But it continues...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tulip Love

I love this time of year when the tulips are plentiful in the store.
I actually started this little vignette on the counter when the daffodils came to our grocery store.  They were so inexpensive that I had several bouquets around the house.  
Now they are gone, and the tulips are here.

The bunch from Costco was large enough for a few in my new little vase from Ebay.

In honor of the yellow I changed out the books in my living area too.  All yellow and black.

Sorry it's not closer but the group of books on the mantel changed too,  I think I had the red and black up there for 6 years.  I am not like the rest of blog land, if I like something I seldom change:-)

And, just because I am so happy they came up, here is a shot of my daffodils last month.
I bought the bulbs in the fall, and we never planted them.
Bob discovered them this spring and planted them in February I think.  I never thought they would come up but here's the proof.

So many of my favorite spring flowers don't grow in Texas that I am so happy daffodils will!

Have a blessed Easter!
We have much for which to be thankful.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Today is the day that this girl made me a grandma!
How can it be 9 years?

We celebrated last Sunday with brunch at our house.
I decided this year to have a celebration at our house near each grands birthday to celebrate just how special they are to grandpa and me.

I let them choose the decor and the menu.
Elizabeth wanted lots of bright colors and pancakes and a hash brown casserole I make.
We added donuts and bacon and an egg casserole to make it our traditional Palm Sunday brunch.
Jessica and family will be in Kansas for Palm Sunday so it was nice to combine the celebrations.

I found this antique plate on ebay and will use it for all of our birthdays.
The 9 is a sparkler candle - didn't get a shot of it lit this time.

The new light is a great place to hang balloons or other decor.  I actually made a few of these as Hob Lob didn't have all of my colors.

Even the jelly beans were the right color.
{and yes, I separated all of the colors :-) }

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
You are loved.