Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

We had our daughter and her family over for dinner on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Her in-laws were in town for the weekend and so it was a great opportunity to see them also. I took a few pictures before they arrived of the table - but none after they got here. Once I start talking I tend to forget about the camera. That is one of my wishes with this new blog, that I will do a better job of capturing our day to day moments on film.
The placemat is black and white, instead of blue or red as it should be, but all of my red table accessories are at the cabin in Wisconsin. I have a long way to go on cute tablescapes!!

On Monday the whole family came to swim and eat lunch to celebrate my birthday. (and I did not take a single picture!!) My daughters made a great lunch and I got to play with the grandchildren in the pool. It was our first official swim of the season, although we did have to heat the pool for a few hours for me to get in. ( I like my water warm) It was a great end to a beautiful weekend.


jessica said...

We had a fun day with you, thanks for having us!!

The Martys said...

What a fun tablescape. I think it looks good. What kind of tablescape will you do for me? (just kidding)

TLEB said...

What are you talking about - not good at decorating tables? I think you are GREAT at it! I wish I could do it as cute as you :)