Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Are Still Celebrating

Our little Claire turned 2 ~ and celebrated her baptism last weekend.

Jessica had parties on back to back weekends and had to transform from Ninja's to ice cream.  She did a great job and everything was so cute.

Especially the birthday girl.

She loved her stroller from Auntie Laura, Uncle Tom and cousins Elizabeth and Ben.

And both of us grandmas had the same idea and got her her very first baby doll that looks just like her.
I think that's special, that it is from both of us.

And her mom and dad got her a mini tramp ~ 
it should prove interesting.

The next day continued with welcoming Claire into our church family.
She wore a silk dress that Jessica bought for her in China.

We are so thrilled to have Claire in our family.


The Martys said...

Adorable all the way around.

Debbie said...

I thought my favorite shot of all was the one of her in her mommy's arms giving the little wave. Then, I got to the picture of her with her dad at the baptism and decided that THAT one touched my heart the most. Don't know why, maybe it's just such a perfect picture of our Heavenly Father and his joy in holding me, his adopted and engrafted child. I loved it.

I also noted that Miss Claire is really coming out of her shell! So precious and happy!!

Privet and Holly said...

Sue, there is so much
love in each of these
pictures and in your
words. You are all
blessed to have little
Claire in your world,
and she by you, as

xo Suzanne

WendyBee said...

Such happiness in every picture! These are special days indeed. Claire looks happy and healthy, and I love that she was welcomed by the church. What lovely daughters and grandchildren you have!

jessica said...

Love that you captured all of these memories!!!