Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Open House - Part III

How many days do you think I can drag out my Christmas decorations? It does take me a long time- but hopefully with all of these pictures it'll be a breeze next year. {yeah, right - I'm just super slow}

Took a snap of the house at night. I didn't know if it would turn out, but it's not bad. I am going to take a few more when it warms up a bit.
This is the only clean part of the family room. I have a new wreath and one new Santa. I am sadly lacking in shelves in this house, so I decided to put the Santas on the mantel this year.
A tiny corner of the kitchen. Again, the only clean spot!
This is the guest bath - not too exciting, but I couldn't figure out how to delete this shot. There aren't even any Christmas decorations.
More guest bath.
This is a shot of a small portion of my soap collection. My family makes fun of me because I do have a little thing for soap. If I knew how to make a mosaic I would take picture of my whole collection!! Luckily I don't have a clue on mosaics.
This is our guest room. Last year I left the gold icicles off the tree, and this year the beads are gone. I wonder if next year the ornaments will still be here? It seems like a waste, as we don't have any guests to enjoy it, but the bay window it sits in faces the street and the tree looks pretty from the street. As it is a prelit tree and now has very few decorations, it is really very easy to put up.
Above the guest bed is a lovely piece my aunt stitched. I have always loved it. The Christmas tree pillow on the bed was part of a felt tree skirt my grandpa made a long time ago! My mother cut the skirt up and made a pillow for me and one for each of my daughters. It is one of my favorite things.

{click on the picture to enlarge} {note to self for new year - learn how to make the pictures bigger! I know there are lots of directions on different blogs:-)}
Tomorrow is the St. Nicholas Tea Party and Elizabeth and Benjamin are spending the night. Once I recover I will post some pictures of all of the fun. And it will be so much fun!


TLEB said...

Beautiful as always, mom. I liked the pictures of the house with the lights - it looks kind of cool like that!

The Martys said...

Your house is so pretty at Christmas. I love your soap collection in the bath. I wish I could find that same collection. Your mantle looks adorable and I love how you put just the grandkids stockings on the mantle. Neat idea.

Sue said...

If I see any more of that soap I will get you some.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful home! I found your site via Nester's Christmas Tour. I started looking around and came across your guest room. I'm just curious about the bed. We recently bought a 4 poster bed like yours, but our mattress and box spring make it too high. Do you have both or just a mattress? I'd love if you'd share so I can start figuring out what to do with ours. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Sue said...

Michelle ~ I tried to email you, but I couldn' t find your address, so I hope you will check back. Your comment went into my spam folder ~ but to answer your question, we have a mattress and box spring and I think the drop for the bedskirt is about 21". I do have a little stool for my "shorter" guests:-) I had my bedskirt custom made.

Thanks for stopping by.