Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seeing the Christmas sights

WARNING: Lots of pictures in this post!

Click on the picture to enlarge any of them.

Welcome to a Texas Christmas. I guess this is the jolly Santa that visits those of us in the Lone Star State. We visited a local hotel today to see their Christmas decorations. They have just a few - and we plopped my cute grandchildren down in front of all of them!
My favorite people.
Isn't she the sweetest girl?!
Joined by 2 pretty sweet little boys. I just love how they hug each other. I wish I had gotten a picture of them walking around the hotel, often hand in hand.
One of the pretty trees.
Elizabeth and Benjamin.
Ben, Cooper, Elizabeth, and Jackson.
Jackson had had enough!
What is in here?
Nothing---lots of false fronts -that are good for climbing and posing for pictures.
This gingerbread house is something. I should have taken a picture of the list of ingredients. I think I remember that they used 500 pounds of flour! Those are blue m & m's and real candy on the whole house. The kids wanted to pick it off and eat it.
These are some Texas sized cookies!
Elizabeth snapped this cute picture of Jackson.
This is a picture of the side of the gingerbread house - all m & m's.
The boys loved these reindeer. And loved to hug them - they were prickly!

Waiting for Laura to pick us up.
We had a great time and then headed to my house for lunch. Fun day. Come back Friday to see pictures of our St. Nicholas Tea Party.


jessica said...

We had so much fun! I"m glad we went this year. You got some cute pictures, I hope mine are that cute!

Allison said...

Hey Sue! Now you know I check in here every so often. I am curious, how are you so confident that every picture of yours will enlarge? I have been trying to figure out what makes a picture "enlarge-able" so I was wondering if there is a setting somewhere that you know about!

These pictures are so cute... all of your kids look great! I knew y'all went yesterday and have been checking the girls' blogs to see pics, so I was happy when Jessica said you posted some! I can't wait to take Emily!


Sue said...

Thanks for visiting Allison and to answer your question honestly is I don't really know, but....I think the trick is that you have to download all of your pictures before you write any text. I always do it that way and my pictures always enlarge. So...I think that is the answer
You have to take Emily out there - you will get lots of great pictures. Just be prepared to pay big $ to park.

Allison said...

Huh, interesting. Thanks!

TLEB said...

Great pictures, mom, and kuddos to you for already having them up! We're looking forward to the tea tomorrow!

The Martys said...

That place looks so neat. I would love to bring the kids to that sometime. I guess it will be when they are much older.