Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas 2009 was very different for Texas! Look what we woke up to on Christmas morning! It snowed for most of the day on Christmas Eve and was very windy. But Christmas morning brought lots of sunshine and no more wind. Bob and I were ready to go very early, but the kids didn't make it over until nearly noon. They needed to wait until the roads melted - they were very icy.

Such a beautiful morning!

{click on any picture to enlarge}
The grandchildren's tree ready for action.
I put the adults gifts in the living room. It is a much smaller pile:-)
Let the fun begin.
Elizabeth is waiting patiently.
Cooper is enjoying his new book.
And Elizabeth loved her Rapunzel book - just what I wanted she said.

A big truck for Ben.
This toy was a hit. A pretty pink microphone. The disappointing part is that it appears to be dysfunctional - sometimes it works, sometimes not. It is going back to the store.
Ben was so silly - wish you could hear him.

And this is my favorite present - well and my photo book too. {the girls made me a photo book of pictures from throughout the year} I'm just sorry that I will have to put it away soon for another year.
We had a very blessed Christmas - the sickness swirling all around us gave us a brief respite on Christmas Day so that we could all be together - and for me that was the best present of all.


The Martys said...

adorable platter. Those girls sure are talented. Looks like another big for loot. Those kids sure are lucky!!! My kids can never be there at Christmas. They would feel like they were in the wrong family. Ha!

Here is wishing you a blessed 2010!!

The Martys said...

P.S. I like the new page. Very cute. How did you do that?

Sue said...

I just finally figured out how to download a background from the cutest blog on the block. Very easy {you all ready know how to do that} - now if I could just figure out how to do the big pictures. I got them to enlarge, but on the horizontal pics I get the cut off right side. I haven't been able to figure that out yet. Why don't you do that for me?!

It helped the loot pile that so many things came in large boxes. Just think - an ipod would be so little and about equal to half their gifts!

Sue said...

Can't figure out why my profile picture won't display? Any ideas?

TLEB said...

Good pictures, mom. I need to get some of them from you, I didn't really take any! I was too busy helping them open :) You sure spoiled them this year (and every year!) We had such a great time.
Amy - that plate was copied from the pottery place we took the kids to, they have books of all the different hand and foot ideas...maybe you'll have to go with your kids next time you come for a visit!

jessica said...

We had such a great time, and I agree, another year of spoiling of all of us! Cooper LOVES all of his gifts, and I sure love all of the gifts you got Jackson :) Thanks to you and dad for everything!