Friday, December 11, 2009

St. Nicholas Tea Party

Today was the big day for the tea party. These are the cute invitations that I handed out at the party because I was so slow in ordering them. Note to self - plan ahead next year!This is the gumdrop tree that I made to be the centerpiece. I ended up doing the same centerpiece that they used at our church for the end of our women's bible study, so this sat on the island and tempted my grandsons. They ate a lot of gumdrops!
This is Elizabeth's place setting. She gets the teapot near her and she loves to pour for everyone. They were so much better about the sugar this year, I think only 1 lump per cup. Last year I think Elizabeth had about 8 in her cup. When she was done with her "tea" {Snowman Punch} there was 1/2 inch of sugar in the bottom of her cup:-)

The little Santa holds a Santa necklace that each girl received.
Yummy cookies that I would like to take credit for, but they were left over at church and so I brought them home for the kids.
I never got a picture of the food, but I stacked it in the cake plates in the middle. The top was very festive fruit {lots of Christmas food picks} 2nd level was celery with cream cheese and craisins and the bottom was pb and j sandwiches cut into stars and trees. The little heart plate held cheese and crackers - the cheese was cut in holiday shapes, and the dome held mini cupcakes - just in case they didn't have enough sugar.

The grands ready for action.
Elizabeth and sweet Jackson.
This is cute little Berkley with her Santa necklace on. Berkley loved to play with the mini tea set under the living room tree. I see a lot of tea parties in your future Chrissy!
Cooper showing you his wind up Santa.
The party girl and her necklace.
Finally got a shot of Ben looking at the camera.
This is Elizabeth's friend Elliott, big sister of Berkley. She is also modeling her necklace. Aren't their dresses so cute?
E and E
The party guests minus Jackson. We also missed Elizabeth and Ben's cousin Josh who was home sick. We hope you are better soon Josh and sorry you had to miss the fun.
Grandma and the grands {sounds like a weird rock group}
Such fun - and I know it was so special to Elizabeth. We do like our tea parties and I'm sure this will be an annual event. {this was our 2nd year}

We have Elizabeth and Ben over night tonight and the play on Sunday and then next week is Peppermint Day!! I think I have to go and take a nap.


The Martys said...

Looks like a fun day. What cute ideas. You are such a good Grandma!!

jessica said...

We had such a fun time! Thanks for making everything so special for the kids mom, I know Cooper LOVED it. I had a great time too! WE had fun with you last night too, minus the small injury with Ben!

TLEB said...

First, the tea party was fantastic! The kids all loved it, and I think Elizabeth thought the tea party was so special. Also, thanks for babysitting last night - it was fun for Tom and I to get a night out to ourselves!