Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Open House - Part I

Merry Christmas and welcome to our Christmas house! I have been busy for quite some time getting all the tubs down and put out - I'm still not done, but I'm getting there.

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Today I was going to finish our Thanksgiving post, but look what I woke up to- SNOW. We just don't get much of that in Texas. In fact, in the time it took me to get dressed and ready to go out and snap a picture the big fat flakes had quit falling. I had really wanted to get a picture of the house with the snow coming down but I still got a shot of our Christmas house. For those of you who live in the north you just don't know how exciting this is. I had to have air conditioning on to put up most of my decorations and it can sometimes be hard to get in the Christmas spirit. But this helps! Of course it'll be gone by noon, but it's pretty while it's here.
Come on in to my Christmas house...poinsettias out
or in? I finally put them inside the protective porch after I read somewhere that they don't like drafts. I would like them to live for most of the month, so we'll try this spot. I covered them with a sheet for our icy blast of winter:-)

I don't have an entry - you come right into the living room.
This is our tree with the glass ornaments. The grandchildren have to be careful around this one.
I don't usually put the presents out so I brought this little table down to try to hide the cords. It needs some little dolls to enjoy the tea party. I'll get Elizabeth to help me with that.
The dining room. I could not get a picture of the hutch - this new camera makes everything too bright - even without the flash. I put some tin toile plates up in front of my regular dishes and it looks very festive. The chandelier could use a few more baubles I think.

Elizabeth's favorite decoration. Baby Jesus is in the drawer waiting to be born on Christmas, but every time she comes over she gets him out and puts him in the manger for awhile and then puts him back. She loves baby Jesus. The nativity people are newer {last 20 years or so} but the stable was my grandma and grandpa's and very special to me. It plays Away in the Manger.
That's it for today. The kids are all coming over to play and have lunch and then I have to go buy a dishwasher:-( Mine is making some funny noises - but I have to be home by 3 because the garage door people are coming. That broke yesterday too! Merry Christmas to us I guess!

Thanks for visiting. I have linked this post to Hooked On Houses Holiday Tour and Deck the Halls at Thoughts From Over The Rainbow. Both blogs are hosting holiday parties and are such fun places to visit. Please check out Part II and Part III of my Holiday Decor if you're interested, and have a very Merry Christmas!!


The Martys said...

OMG you were busy. I love, love, love your new arrangement. It fits that spot perfectly. So pretty!!! And snow, we got some here too.

TLEB said...

You need to find some blog where they are posting christmas decorations - yours are so beautiful! My friend Erin commented on one of the pictures of thanksgiving of the beautiful house in the background!

The Martys said...

I totally agree with Laura. There are going to be a few next week that are doing Christmas posts.