Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday with our 2 daughters and their families.  Jessica and her family were going to be hosting her in laws from Kansas and wouldn't be able to join us on Thursday, and Laura and her family have to leave and go to his folks in the afternoon.  By this arrangement we could all be together and that is something I am very thankful for!
A very casual Thanksgiving table.  But, hey, we did eat in the dining room.  

I set the kitchen table with brown paper and hats for our little pilgrims to wear.  Elizabeth had fun drawing turkeys all over the table.  They were so cute, and I am sorry I neglected to get a shot of her handiwork.  By the time I remembered, they had eaten supper and there were a few spills here and there.  It was a cute table for them, so it will probably be a new tradition.
Jessica reading to some cute pilgrims.
It was an absolutely beautiful day here on Sunday ~ hot actually.  But the leaves are coming down and we had fun making this...does anyone remember making these when you were young?  My friends and I would spend our recess time making leaf houses all around the playground.  We had so much fun making floor plans and lots of hallways!  Our kids had fun too, the boys ended up running through the walls ~ no surprise there!
And last,  but not least we took the photo for our annual Christmas card.  I love the one from last year which is my blog header, and I wanted the same spot again this year, but the tree is not decorated yet and the kids didn't have their Christmas outfits on either.  So, here is the gang, we gave up worrying if the littles were looking or not!
I hope that everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving with the ones they love.


TLEB said...

It was a fantastic early Thanksgiving - thanks for having us over! We're glad that you are going to be with us for the real Thanksgiving!

Kat said...

It looks like your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Ours was too!

I'm busy decorating for Christmas, but I'm taking plenty of breaks to visit my blog friends. wink, wink