Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Visitors

I spy with my little eye.....Alice in Wonderland!!
I was so glad that Halloween fell on a Sunday this year. Every year since we moved here to Texas to be near the kids, they have come to "surprise" us at lunch time on Halloween. I love hearing them in the front yard getting their costumes on and trying to be quiet.

This year was going to be different I thought, because Elizabeth is in all day kindergarten. {and I didn't think Laura would take her out of school to come trick or treat at our house!} Thankfully I was spared for one more year and was visited by these adorable children.

Alice is very excited about her candy.
Ben aka Buzz is always excited about everything.
And yes, we have another Buzz. Cooper was a firefighter at his neighborhood party with his trusty Dalmatian Jackson. But if Ben is Buzz, so is Cooper, so he was a lucky boy and got 2 costumes.
Isn't this the cutest puppy ever?
A thankful grandma to have them all here one more year. I won't think about next year.

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