Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our First Stop On Christmas Fun

We have a tradition of going to the Gaylord Hotel to view their Christmas decorations.  I guess  a tradition is something you have done more than once and this is our 3rd straight year so it qualifies as a new tradition.  I was a little worried that we couldn't do it this year with Elizabeth because she is in Kindergarten.  I really dislike doing things on the weekends {I think it is 30 years of being spoiled and doing things during the week when everyone else is at work.}  Her school district very kindly accommodated us and gave her the week of Thanksgiving off  school, so problem solved.

We are going to be viewing a winter wonderland this year, and this is how mothers from Texas dress their children when they will encounter temperature below 32.  I grew up in Minnesota and I don't think I ever wore a hat after I got older than 12.  This always cracks me up and I give my girls a lot of teasing about it!
 Here we are - watching a little movie about the ICE.  It really was fascinating.  They have about 40 artists from China that they fly over to make all of the ice sculptures.
 We all put these parkas on OVER the other coats and gear.
 But we are ready for ICE.  This years theme is A Charlie Brown Christmas in case you couldn't tell:)
There is an ice slide and our grands just loved it.  Here is Cooper at the finish.
Here you can get a better view of the slides and Elizabeth coming down.  I totally missed Ben, because as you can imagine with everyone dressed in blue parkas it is a little hard to tell who is who.  You really have to watch your kids!
3 little grandchildren in the doghouse!
ICE always ends with the nativity in ice and it is so beautiful.  I wish I had a wide angle lens so you could see the whole scene.
I have more pictures to share of our Gaylord Christmas and will post those tomorrow.  It really starts off our holiday season.  Thanks Gaylord!

Merry Christmas


Debbie said...

Ok, just so ya know, you are officially living my dream. You have such lovely daughters and precious grandchildren AND have a great time with them. This would have to be a Christmas tradition if I lived near you.

I giggled about the Texas winter wardrobe. I'm a Georgia mom who was guilty of the same thing.

jessica said...

YOu got some great pictures! I love Jackson all bundled up...they're all so cute!

TLEB said...

It was such a fun trip - thanks for taking us! We had a great time!