Friday, December 3, 2010

The Rest of the Gaylord

 We are on our annual trip to see the Gaylord Christmas decorations.  Yesterday I showed pictures from ICE, and today I will share a few pictures of their atrium.  

This picture is of one of their many restaurants, love the icicles edging the roofline!  Looks great with the palm tree.
 Our gang - little Jackson is in the stroller behind - we wouldn't forget him!
 Here's Jackson!  
 The atrium tree, and the lights hanging down.  I can just imagine how magical this would be at night.
 Wouldn't be Texas without this guy.
 On our way to Gingerbread Village.  Everything made from candy.  You should see us trying to keep our kids from picking it off the display.

 Enlarge this picture to see how many ingredients it takes to make everything.

It is a fun tradition to go to the Gaylord.  Who knows, someday we may even get a room!  {Bob and I did stay at the Gaylord in Nashville once.  It is even bigger and very lovely.}

 Merry Christmas

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