Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost The Night Before Christmas

We made it!  Bob and I took the 3 oldest grandchildren out to dinner and they were very good.  Very busy, but good.  We came home and got into jammies and watched the movie Rudolph.  This was the play we took them to earlier this month so they were very familiar with the story.

We usually sleep upstairs with them, but thought it would be fun to have a slumber party by the tree in Grandma and Grandpa's room.  They all slept right at the foot of our bed all night.

 Sweet Elizabeth.
 Our 2 busy, but very cute boys.  They are always pretty quiet when TV is on!  One could be very tempted.....
 It's morning!!  And it's about 6:00!!  I had everyone climb in bed with me and I dozed a little.  I had a bad night ~ for some reason I had insomnia, and I did not sleep one little bit.  I read a lot of my new book and played on my IPAD, but did not sleep.  When the kids were watching another quick Christmas show in the morning, I think I did doze for about 15 minutes.   I have not a lot of energy today, but I did do a little shopping for Bob and did the grocery shopping.  Hopefully tonight will be better.  {it sure wasn't the kids though, they went right to sleep after 3 or 4 books and didn't peep all night}
 Look who came this morning in his matching jammies!!!  Cutest baby ever!!! 

 I get the grandchildren a pair of Christmas pajamas every Thanksgiving.  This comes from the tradition that many have, I always gave our girls a new pair on Christmas Eve, so they would look cute in the pictures!!  But I knew I wouldn't be with them on Christmas Eve, and my girls wanted to carry on that tradition so I just give mine at Thanksgiving and they can wear them all season.

The colors are meaningful to us too.  Everything that Laura and Jessica got at Christmas was color coordinated ~ green for Laura and red for Jessica.  All their Santa packages were wrapped in red or green tissue, the hershey kisses in their stockings, and anything else that came in that color combo.  So, of course I had to get their jammies in that color.  I also wrap all of Laura's kids packages in paper with a green background, and likewise for Jessica's.  Laura and Jessica carry on the tissue paper tradition.  {and that is a great, cheap way to wrap ~ you can wrap anything in tissue.}
 An attempt to get a group shot ~ it's the best I could do.
This pretty much sums up our pre Christmas festivities.  The only thing I missed was the Saturday matinee of The Nutcracker.  Can you believe I forgot my camera???!!!  Elizabeth was very excited and all dressed up!  Just we girls went, Laura and Jessica and Elizabeth and me.  Such a fun afternoon for me, and we ended up meeting everyone else in the family for dinner out that evening at The Cheesecake Factory.  Another Christmas tradition for our family.

Making memories, that's what it's all about for me.


Robin said...

As I've told you are my inspiration as a Grandma...I'm Gigi to my granddaughter, what do yours call you?
You're way ahead of me, I only have 2 (granddaughters) and another granddaughter due in May! I'm working on bringing the traditions I had with my 4 children to my grandchildren.

Keep posting about all you do. I love it. I'm always smiling when I leave your delightful blog-home!
All Things Heart and Home
(Come on back on Wednesdays~We'll keep the party going with All Things Inspired!)

The Martys said...

Oh the memories your kids and grandkids have. You are a great inspiration and I need to continue to find things for my kids. Have a great Christmas and give everyone a hug for me. Miss you all.

your lil' sister