Friday, December 24, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung

We are ready!  
Look who forgot his hat when he was here filling those stockings!!
We met our grands at church tonight.  We always go to their church to the children's service.  They were well behaved and we love the end with the church dark, candles lit, and all singing Silent Night. 
Our youngest grandson, Jackson had a little fever so he stayed home with mom.  We were to have dinner here, but we came home from church and brought the dinner to their house.  Laura and her family go to her husband's family on Christmas Eve. 
We came home and placed a "few" presents under the tree.  What can I say, I spoil my grandchildren:-)
It probably looks worse than it really is, as our tree is wedged in a corner so all of the gifts come out in a narrow space.
The kids will open at their houses in the morning, and we actually plan to be at Jessica's to watch the boys open at around 6:30!  Then they will all be here around 11 and we will spend the day together.

So much fun.......

Merry Christmas 

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The Martys said...

I think it is as bad as it looks. I have seen it first hand in years past. That's o.k. though, its what you do. Can't wait to hear what they thought of going to Disney.