Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Tea Party

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Do you do anything special to celebrate this day?  I know some people put their shoes or slippers out and  a little treat is left inside.  This is our 3rd year of doing a St. Nicholas Tea Party and it is so much fun.

The invitations this year were extra cute.  I told the shop keeper that she will have a hard time finding such cute invitations for me next year!!

Please Come!
{click to enlarge}
 Remove your candy cane stirrer and you can see the whole invitation.  Our address is located in the saucer at the bottom.  I blurred it out for the obvious reasons.
 I took the easy way this year with paper party goods.  Hobby Lobby had this cute tea pot and the paper goods went so well with it all that I decided to go with it.  This picture is the table in progress, but I never took another of the whole thing.  I wanted you to see the cute tea pot with St. Nick himself on top!
 Polka dots were the theme, and I found these napkin rings in one of my tubs ~ I had forgotten I bought them after Christmas last year.  They go rather well with the whole theme, don't they?  A little tulle cover to match the bows on the light that I never took a picture of....I'll get one when I do my kitchen post.
 I added some little polka dots to the plastic cups.

 The children's menu was waffles and fruit.  The fruit went into the tree and toppings for the waffles in the stockings.  There were 8 little friends of my granddaughter attending.  {2 little boys, her brother and her cousin, the rest little girlfriends.}
 Meanwhile, the moms were greeted with poinsettias, in these cute glasses.  {cranberry juice and champagne}
 The mom's table.
 This china has a little story behind it.  My mother registered for this china when she married in 1953.  She received quite a bit of it and we used it quite often.  At one point it was downgraded from "best" status and it got put in the dishwasher.  A lot of the platinum banding had worn off by the time I got it.  She gave it to me when I was first married because she found out that Bob's mom had the very same china.  Bob's folks married in 1954 and she also registered for it.  She didn't receive quite as much and so didn't use it often. Hers is in much better shape.  For many years I had a dark green and burgandy decor and so this china was used often and took center stage in my dining room hutch.  Since I've changed to a different green it doesn't get frequent use, but I still like to bring it out at Christmas.  I was excited last year to find these poinsettia plates that have a green center, much like my plates.

 Yummy dessert for the moms brunch, and keeping our poinsettia theme going!
Once the party started I never picked up my camera.  Elizabeth was in her best party dress too!!  I will link to my daughters' blogs when they post the party pics.

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday.

Merry Christmas!


The Martys said...

Absolutely darling. Love the grown up table. How pretty!!!! I will never be able to link to a party. I don't do anything fun. I really like both tables. You are getting pretty good at this party stuff!!!

Red Couch Recipes said...

I don't know which table I would sit at -- should I sit at the adult one or the kids? They are both so cute -- think I am in a whimsical mood and I will sit at the kids. I saw that teapot at HB -- love the cute napkin rings. I think I would then join the adults for dessert. Is that a red velvet cake -- so poinsettia-like. Fun! Joni

Barbara said...

What fun for all! Love the whimsy of the children's table and the elegance of the mom's. That's amazing that both of your mother's had that same china.

Debbie said...

Sue, I love this and I can't read any text! I keep refreshing, but it won't let me. I think that I can tell from the invitation that it's a "Granddaughter Tea"??

It's all so pretty and festive. I love the glasses and napkins and that cake at the end!

Aledia said...

Love it all! The tablescapes, the invitations and that cake looks srumptious!! Well done! I'm also your newest follower, Have a blessed day!

we three dogs and me said...

I just loved it all. I like whimsy so sure took my eye. The cake looks yummy. Willbe afollower. Merry Christmas I am new at this too.

Mimi said...

Your tables are so festive!

Entertaining Women said...

Aren't family treasures just the very best! I'm glad that you still take out your mama's green china. It's lovely. Looks like it was a marvelous party. Thank you for sharing your charming designs. Cherry Kay