Saturday, December 4, 2010

Church Fair

Laura and Jessica go to a church near our house that holds a carnival for children in December.  The highlight for us is the living nativity with a real baby!  You should see the kids crowd around the baby when it's over ~ a brave mom lets her baby near all those germs.

This year's offerings included pony rides!  What a thrill.  Cooper is a little nervous, but we were proud that he hopped right on.  Of course I think he got a little courage from Ben and Elizabeth, Ben loved it and was waving to the crowd even though he was supposed to hold on with 2 hands:-)
 Our gang ready for the living nativity.  {didn't get any shots of that!}
 There was a petting zoo with bunnies and chicks and goats.
 We waited in line a long time for this opportunity.  Ben is determined.
 Cooper is fierce!  {Love that expression!}
Such a fun evening with the girls and grands.  Bob was out of town, as was Ryan.  We went a little early, so Tom wasn't home from work yet either.  Jessica and the boys came over after to eat and spend the night.  Another fun little evening and another tradition!  This is our 2nd time so it qualifies!  We are all about tradition in our family and we have quite a few holiday ones.  I have shared these 2 outings, which are new Texas grandchildren traditions and I will continue to share some more of what makes this time so special to me.

Merry Christmas


Kat said...

I've had fun reading your last three posts and seeing all you've been doing with your children and grandchildren. Wow! So much fun. You're so very lucky to live close enough to really enjoy them.


TLEB said...

I didn't get any great pictures of the night - I'm glad you got some! It was a fun carnival!