Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elizabeth and Grandma Day

Look who's back at Grandma's with her cute, new glasses. Elizabeth and I had another fun day together on Wednesday. She just got her glasses and she really reminds me of her mom with her glasses. Laura got her glasses at age 7, and here is little E at just age 4. She was doing some serious cutting and taping. She really likes tape!!
We made a snack for the pool party that will be here on Friday. I'm not sure how good it will be - it's a new recipe. But it is full of gumdrops and other sugary things so I'm sure the kids will like it. Elizabeth always likes to sample the ingredients!
And of course she has to lick the spoon.
Our finished treats. Tomorrow we will see how the crowd likes them. They are not tempting me a bit, which is nice.

It was another special day with Elizabeth. We had lunch at Subway - her favorite - and just read some books and did a little coloring. We met her mom and little brother for ice cream at the end of our time together. (so neither Laura nor I had to drive so far to get her home)

Today is Thursday and I have been home all day with the air conditioning people. It is really hot in Texas and our bedroom air isn't working correctly. So... we are getting a new unit. Our house is fairly large and it has 3 a/c units. We replaced one last year and as the bedroom one needed replacing we just decided to replace the remaining one too. Fine and dandy except they are $$$. There are so many fun things I could do with that money, but on a day like today I do really appreciate good air conditioning!! It makes me very thankful that I didn't live here way back when! We are also hopeful that the 3 new units will be as energy efficient as they claim to be and so we will see some savings on our monthly bill. Time will tell.

The workmen will be back tomorrow, but I will be outside enjoying my 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren and some of their friends for a pool party. I hear the diving board is greatly anticipated by a few of the 4-5 year olds that will be here. I will try to get some pictures.


jessica said...

E does look so cute with her glasses! What a fun day for you guys. Can't wait for the kids to try the treats.

Kat said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for your sweet comment today. I'm so glad you've decided to blog. It really is a fun way to document the blessings in our life. I've sure enjoyed my visit here. Your grandchildren are adorable.


TLEB said...

Thanks for the great day! Elizabeth had a lot of fun - and I think the bars were a big hit with the kids.