Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cooper and Grandma and Grandpa Night

I had a little trouble loading pictures so they are a little out of order today. We had Cooper on Friday night because his mom was at a girls night and his dad was out of town. We began the night out with pizza at a local kids pizza place. (not good for grandma, the food is not so good, but it is good for kids) We then came home and swam and had a little ice cream. This pic is at the end of the evening with the cone. He ate every last bite!

This is a picture of the new Nemo fish we got for our pool. It is kind of tippy, but he did ok with it. He liked squirting it with the squirt gun better than riding it though.
Here he is coloring at the pizza place.
And this is the beginning - the cute Cooper ready for his fun dinner with G and G. Someday I'll get this right.

We had fun with Cooper, although we were glad to see Jessica come and spend the night. He got up around 1 and was up alot throughout the night. Lucky me - I slept through it all. And he was up early too!! Poor Jessica.


jessica said...

What a fun day! Thanks for watching him for me, I'm glad to know he had so much fun with his gma and gpa!

TLEB said...

It sounds like you guys had a good time with Cooper! What a fun evening!