Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie Day

My daughter Laura was watching all 3 kids last week and remembered she had a doctor appointment. She wondered if I would mind watching all 3 by myself - and I said I would, but what would I do with them as they are all very busy and like to have Grandma's attention at the same time? As you can see from the cute picture of Ben, I took the easy way out and we watched some thrilling shows, like Thomas the Tank Engine and everyone's favorite, Clifford, The Big Red Dog.
Cooper and Elizabeth enjoying the show and the snack.
Here is Cooper very engrossed in the show. I did not fill that container with food, they just had some bunny crackers and maybe a few m & m's tucked in there. One of the big attractions of our "movie room" is the candy cupboard. The grandchildren all know exactly where it is and they are very good about just taking a few pieces.
You can see all 3 sitting nicely watching the show. (Ben didn't last long - before long he was flipping his chair upside down, and diving off the back of it. He's very scary, and very sweet. I got him to sit in my lap for a few minutes which was nice. Elizabeth and Cooper don't look away from the TV for long!)
And this last picture is one I think is so cute - there are a few dress up things in the grandchildren's room. These are some bug costumes. Elizabeth is a bee, Ben is a ladybug, and Cooper is a beautiful butterfly.

That was just one day last week. I have been a bad blogger about not updating this blog. If I want this to be a recap of our lives I had better be a little more diligent in posting!! We had some big rain last week, but we are in some hot weather now, which means lots of pool time.


The Martys said...

Looks like they had a fun time hanging at Grandma's. I hope my kids will be good like that some day. Ha!

TLEB said...

Thanks for watching the kiddos for me! I know they always have a fun time at Grandma's!