Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elizabeth and Grandma Day

I have wanted to start a tradition with my granddaughter of just the 2 of us spending the day together. I confess that we don't do it nearly often enough, but when we do, we have a wonderful time. Today was my lucky day and I planned for us to have a tea party at a little tea shop for children near our house. Elizabeth was very excited and a little shy when we first got there. A little class for "princesses" was just finishing and she enjoyed watching the little girls play musical chairs and freeze tag in their matching Cinderella dresses. When the class was over we were the only guests in the tea room for most of the time. She got to pick out a dress to wear, and this was the first one on. She wasn't too sure about keeping this on for the tea so off it came. Then the hostess suggested she try one of their brand new dresses - I think it is a Sleeping Beauty dress.
This was the keeper!
We were served GIANT cupcakes with a ton of icing. I confess that we both ate ours all up and they were very sweet. We were also served raspberry tea and it was good too. I am not usually a tea drinker, but I really liked this tea. Elizabeth had fun adding one lump or two to our drinks. (She took 2 or more - I took 1)
While we were waiting for our tea, the pretty princess got some lovely pink eyeshadow. (with glitter of course)
Pink lipstick...
and sparkly pink nail polish.
It was kind of hard to eat with wet nails so we waited and blew and blew and blew.
The pretty princess ready for her tea.
After (or during- it took a looong time to eat those big cupcakes!) we had a little tiara break. There were several to choose from - this seemed to be the favorite.
A little boa action completed the look. We had a wonderful time and this was only the beginning. I told her that the best way to start your day was with dessert first and so that's what we did!! I took a few pictures of the rest of our day and I will post those tomorrow.

Thank you Elizabeth for a priceless memory for your grandma. I love you!

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The Martys said...

How fun and nice of you. She looked absolutely adorable with her makeup. It looks like she enjoyed herself. The cupcake sure was big. I would have eaten the whole thing too.