Friday, June 19, 2009

More Elizabeth and Grandma Day

After Elizabeth and I finished our tea we walked across to the gazebo that had been so nicely decorated. Elizabeth had picked out her brand new dress to wear and it coordinated beautifully with the patriotic decorations.
Beautiful girl.
They had this flag painted on the grass. You can see more of the gazebo in the background. We had a gazebo in our last house and this one makes me miss it very much. Our new house doesn't really fit the gazebo look.

We stopped at our favorite lunch spot on the way home (Subway) and got our sandwiches to go. We ate a quick lunch and then got to our favorite activity - playing games. Today in keeping with our theme, we played The Princess and the Pea. It is a cute game where you stack the bedding and try to get the princess on top before the bedding collapses. We tried, but we weren't successful.

After that was supposed to be nap, but since time was short we opted for a show in the movie room. I had a few more things planned but I will save them for next time.


TLEB said...

Elizabeth told me all about your fun day - she had a great time! I think she feels very special to have special time with Grandma. Thanks for the fun day!

The Martys said...

She looks adorable with all the patriotic decorations. Those would be fun scrapbook pictures, too bad you don't scrapbook. Looks like you had a great day.

jessica said...

Fun day! SHe looked so cute with her outfit and the decorations, love it.