Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Been Awhile!!

I have been an absentee blogger - but I have a good excuse. We have been at our cabin in northern Wisconsin for the past 3 weeks and no computer!! It was very relaxing and I have very few pictures to share, but I will post the few I have in the next few days.
Before we left for the cabin, I hosted the girls and some of their friends and their children for a swimming party. I won't even attempt to identify the people in the pictures - all cute moms in sunglasses and very cute kids with floaties. But I do want to post a few pictures to show that I can take them!! I took some video too, but I haven't mastered that yet:-)

It was fun and HOT, and it stayed hot the whole time we were gone. Now that we are back the temperatures are a little cooler - but I confess I want it hot so I can get in the pool. We had lots of cool temps in Wisconsin.


TLEB said...

We had a fun time swimming - thanks for having us over!

jessica said...

You took some cute pics of everyone. I agree, we had fun too, thanks!