Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spooky Sleepover and Boo Breakfast

This was a big day for our 4 grands!  And for Grandma and Grandpa!  

{warning~gazillions of pictures}

We have not had all 4 sleepover before.  But now that Jackson is 2, we really couldn't leave him out anymore.  The kids were intrigued by the invitation and wondered what the spooky would be.  I wondered too, as I don't really do "spooky." 

The big day was jam packed with activity.  We all began the day at Cooper's T Ball game.  

Then the girls and I headed to the store to buy the matching Christmas outfits and pajamas.  I still have to search for a few sizes, but it feels good to have that done.  I always buy jammies to hand out at Thanksgiving, and their matching outfits for Christmas.

Then it was home to get things ready for the evening.  I downloaded a children's halloween cd so I could have some "spooky" sounds.  I liked it because it had all the usual songs, ie Thriller, Monster Mash, and all were sung by kids.

Little treat bags are ready.  I didn't take a pic of the goodies, but they contained 2 books, a little Halloween toy, candy necklace, and our favorite, silly string.

The table.  At the last minute I gathered up some candles for the centerpiece so we could have some atmosphere.  Their favorite part was putting out the candles with the little cat snuffer.  That belonged to Bob's mom, and I think it is pretty old.  I have always loved it.

First we did some spooky cooking.

Can you see the witch hat cookie in their hands?

I think Jackson's is going in his mouth.

Yup, they didn't last long.

Good thing we made extras!

Next up was pumpkin painting.

...and a little baby painting...

After that we did some silly string, and I was heavily involved in the action so no pictures of that fun.  We had pizza for dinner and then settled in to watch the very scary FrankenPooh!!

Bob slept upstairs with Jackson and I had the 3 big kids in our room in sleeping bags on the floor.  They fell asleep fairly quickly and little Ben was talking to me at 4:30am!!  Needless to say we were all up early.

And hungry for our BOO breakfast.

I made scary Boocakes.  I got the pancake molds at Williams Sonoma.  Love them.

A special treat.

And I have to give credit to Bob for our Boo juice.  I had the 3 triangles on for the eyes and nose, and asked him to cut out a few triangles for the mouth ~ well he got very creative.  I didn't know he could do this!  LOL

After the kids were sufficiently sugared up we got them ready for church.  I'm sure their Sunday School teachers loved that.  We had to get a laugh out of the way Laura and Jessica were dressed for church ~ they haven't dressed like this since they were 10.

And final shots of our darlings as they rushed out the door to church posing with their pumpkins.

A good time was had by all, and I'm sure a new tradition was born.


Lori said...

Wow you sure bumped up sleeping over at Grandma's house! Great way to create memories. Loved the pumpkin stacked candle. And what artists you have in the making.

jessica said...

Our kids are going to have so many fun memories of your house!

Debbie said...

Came here earlier and left a comment, but then I got a snippy google message... If my first one shows up, please delete this so I don't look like I'm a crazy lady.

I'll be you wake up every day amazed at how blessed you are!! I love everything you do with those kids. You are such a woman after my own heart. I think one of the keys to your happy family is that you and your husband are clearly a team. Love that! The pancakes were my favorite part.

And did the girls do that on purpose or were they have a twin ESP moment?

The Martys said...

What a great Grandma you are!! They are going to have so many wonderful memories and traditions that Grandma did just for them!! Love it.

I think it is a hoot how L & J showed up in the same outfit. Was it planned? I am guessing not.....

Tell Bob he is pretty talented and who would have guessed that!!

It's all cute. You did good.

Jen S. said...

I am brand new to your blog, and let me tell you I LOOOVE IT (and I'm your newest follower!)! I've had a ball reading your posts and can't wait to read more!

You are so creative--I love your ideas, especially the fun times you have with your grandkids! What awesome memories you are making.

I can't wait to come back and visit again!

Have a great weekend :)

TLEB said...

What a great day/night you had with kids! Sorry for the 4;30 wake up call! What great memories you are making for them.

Rettabug said...

You are the bestest grandparents!! I would NEVER take on 4 kidlets at one time...I can barely handle 2!!

Everything looks just delightful & delicious & I'm impressed with Bob's scissor skills. Cute ideas that I'd like to borrow if I find enough energy.

Thanks so much for sharing their sweet faces. I love the shot of the baby with the green paint! LOL