Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Cottage In The Woods

Fall has arrived in blog land and I am so behind!  And that is funny considering I don't really decorate all that much.

So I started with the easiest area ~ the grandchildren's playhouse.  It needed a good scrubbing!

This chandy hangs over their little patio set.  Elizabeth so wants to have the candles lit, but we are so seldom out here in the dark.  I took the glass holders out and am washing them in hopes that we may get to light them up this weekend.

I use faux greenery all the time, so I am not opposed to it, but I always have liked the real thing outside.  Last year I planted johnny jump ups in the little window boxes, but I just don't want to commit the time and the precious water to keeping them up.  So I filled them with some fake leaves and pumpkins and called it good.

The inside is very small so it is a snap to decorate.

We've even got some fall treats!

So now the house is ready for my little treats to come to Grandma's on Saturday night.

It's our first sleepover for all 4 grands.  Wish me luck!


Love Being A Nonny said...

You KNOW how much I love this!!!! Love the playhouse and all the fall decorations....especially the table cloth! You have inspired me to put fall flowers and a pumpkin on my playhouse this weekend. Can't wait to see pictures of the fun you have!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I am dying for one of those little cottages and the precious babies to go in it! Every time we drive to Fredericksburg I see them on the side of the road and tell the hubby that he needs to get me one;)! He thinks I should wait for the grandkids first. What would be the fun in that;)? I adore the way you have your's dressed for fall...adorable!

You are such a sweet grandmother...those babies are lucky to have you! Love the invitation for the sleepover!!!

The Martys said...

Your invites are cute and can't wait to see how the party turned out. The playhouse decorating turned out really cute.

Kim said...

Now what child wouldn't love that? So sweet Sue and those grands must get so excited to come to your house!!! You're creating wonderful memories for sure!

Debbie said...

I can NOT believe that you have all these wonderful things posted, and I had nearly missed them all!

I love this little storybook playhouse with all its charm. The hanging chandy just about beats all. Hope the sleepover was wonderful.

Of course, I know it was!