Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here It Is

The pictures in my previous post were taken on a business trip in Minneapolis.  {Well, business for Bob, all fun for me:-) }

I loved the MTM show back in the 70's and we were so proud that the show was set in the Twin Cities.  {That's home for us}  I didn't know that they had the statue of Mary downtown and just had to snap a shot.  The other place is inside the IDS building, a restaurant that you will see Mary and I think Rhoda {just looked at the video and I don't think that's Rhoda!} eating at in the video clip.

So while Bob worked I did a little shopping, mostly window, and visited with some friends and family. 

I spent some time at my sister's.  Here is our cute Emma holding the little kitty bag of treats I brought.

Evan couldn't wait to dig into his treats.  He has a sweet tooth like his aunt.

I went shopping with a friend for some vintage treasures.  I didn't find much, but I bought this cute child's dish set for the cabin.  Anything with bears ends up at the 3 Bears Cabin!  Sorry this picture is so blurry, but it's the only one I took.

And speaking of the 3 bears, I found these old books.  So cute.

After we finished "working" in Minneapolis we headed to the cabin.  It was not the best week to be there, cool and rainy. But frankly, after our long, hot, dry summer it was nice to be chilly and see some rain.  It just made going out in the boat difficult and that is hard on my fishing husband.  

 I only took 1 photo of the interior of the cabin this visit.  I put the little children's dishes in the cupboard over the table.

One of my favorite things about going to the cabin in the fall is right here.  The leaves were just turning and we drove around a few times just to look.  We have no fall color in Texas, and so this feeds my fall starved soul!  Nobody can decorate like the LORD!

And, lastly I took this picture of a cranberry bog.  I had never seen them harvest cranberries before and didn't realize that they flood the field and the berries rise to the top.  A little town near the cabin has a cranberry festival and this bog is on the tour.  I guess they get 30,000 people on their 1 day festival.  Can you imagine?  Once Bob is retired and we can spend some time up there, we will have to go!

That's all the pictures I took ~ pitiful.  But I really didn't do much, lots of reading so not many reasons to get out the camera.  And, my friends like the camera about as much as I do.  

But, I'm back and we are enjoying cooler temps in Texas.  High 80's now, and that's fall like for us!

Joining Sherry for her Open House Party.
And joining Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspirations.


Debbie said...

I'm so glad you got to spend time with your extended family and at the cabin. I try not to covet it too much when you visit and yak about it because it looks so wonderful.

Three Bears... I didn't remember that was what you called it. I love all the Bear treasures.

And you're right: NO ONE can decorate like God.

AshTreeCottage said...

The cabin is lovely and I love the 3 bears set. So cute!

Susan and Bentley

Lori said...

Emma is precious. My brother if 43 with downs. Aren't they just the greatest blessing in the world.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Emma and Evan are adorable. The cabin looks like such a cozy place to be. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Oh, I loved coming for a visit! Your cabin sounds wonderful and the bears dishes are perfect. what a fun "business" trip. You are so right, God is the best decorator!! thanks for linking up to VIF! xo

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Incredible~~ what a great "business" trip.. hugs ~lynne~