Monday, August 10, 2009

Special Friends Visit

Our good friends from Kansas , Robin and Jim, came to see us at the cabin. We have lived in Kansas 3 different times, and Robin was the first person I met - way back in 1983!! We have been good friends all these years and in the last few years, we have been traveling buddies. We have taken some wonderful trips together.

This picture is aboard the pontoon boat, we are ready to cruise around and have some wine and some snacks. We have a small lake, and there are usually no other boats out so we just like to drift along and visit.
The first day of their visit we decided to drive to Bayfield, Wisconsin. The drive wasn't too bad, and it was a nice day. The town is small, but picturesque and I only got this one shot looking out to the Apostle Islands.
We took a ferry to the largest island, Madeline Island and had lunch at a good restaurant. Of course I didn't get a picture of it, and can't remember the name either! But as you get off the ferry you go to your right and walk quite a walk to the restaurant. It was small, we ate in the bar, but the food was good. We were entertained by watching some teenage girls run into the water (Lake Superior) right outside our window. The day was cool and the water was COLD.
Bob and I shivering outside the restaurant. Didn't get a pic of Robin and Jim.
But I did get a picture of the guys checking out just how cold the water really was - cold!

The rest of the visit the guys did some golfing and Robin and I did some shopping and lots of catching up. They are expecting their 1st grandchild just a day or 2 after our 4th grandchild is due. Both babies are due in about 2 weeks, so we are both anxiously waiting for little Ellen Ann (Robin and Jim's) and our little Jackson.

We had a great visit and look forward to seeing them come for a visit in TX sometime soon we hope!


TLEB said...

It looks like you guys and the O'Haras had such a great time on your visit. I'm glad they were able to come and see you guys at the cabin!

jessica said...

Great pics, it looks like you guys had lots of fun together!