Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun In The Sun

Laura and Jessica and the kids were over this week for swimming and lunch. We let Jessica take a nap - hoping that baby Jackson would be born soon. He isn't due till Wednesday, but we are all ready to meet him! Especially mom! Anyway, here is Laura with Ben, Elizabeth, and Cooper - all on their "boats".
After swimming we had lunch and it was a special surprise for the kids - really big cookies.

They couldn't wait to eat them.

Everyone's cookie matched their plate, which really impressed Elizabeth. The boys could not have cared less.
They just wanted to eat them.
And so they did - and according to Laura and Jessica they weren't very tasty cookies - but the kids didn't care - they were cute!


The Martys said...

Were the things tied in cute ribbons, napkins? Nice and cheery table.

Sue said...

Yes, they were 2 napkins in a napkin ring that I got at Hobby Lobby.

The Martys said...

Those napkin rings are adorable. I think a certain sister should get those for a certain sister. What do you think?

TLEB said...

They did have a great time eating those cookies - my hat looks pretty funny I have to say... (and if a certain sister doesn't pick those up for you I sure can Amy! :)

The Martys said...

Thanks for offering Laura. My sweet sister got them for me. I thought the hat looked cute.