Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Party Preparations

Bob and I made a video for Laura and Jessica's birthday. I scanned 200 or so pictures and found the songs and did a nice video of their 30 years!! We thought a nice ending to the video would be the kids singing and saying some sweet things to their moms. So to that end, we had the 3 grandchildren over for dinner and sent the parents out for a quiet dinner of their own. We had the ever popular pizza and here is Elizabeth enjoying her pizza.
Ben and Cooper are waiting - patiently...
After the dinner and the attempt at filming the kids, we had movie night. Elizabeth handed out tickets to everyone - the boys loved having a ticket!
Cooper is ready.
Elizabeth also had the job of handing out refreshments. She is on her way to the movie room with popcorn with a surprise. (a few pieces of candy hiding in the popcorn)
We are ready for our show!!

And for your viewing and listening pleasure we have the following video. This is the 3rd take - the first was very quiet, the second was pretty good, and now you can see the sillies are setting in. It was very difficult to get anything remotely like I had planned it - but as always, the result was hilarious and such a snapshot of the kids at this moment in time. Laura and Jessica loved this part of the video best of all.


The Martys said...

The video is hilarious. I love all the sushing!! Priceless.

jessica said...

Love the video! THey did such a great job and are hilarious! Thanks for going through the trouble of doing that for us!

Gretchen said...

This is hilarious!!! I LOVE the video...what a great idea! I have enjoyed looking through your party pictures of the surprise 30th...looks like so much fun! I hope you had as much fun organizing and preparing as the girls had at the party. The details are amazing! Good job, Sue!