Friday, August 14, 2009

The Party Continues

The rest of the pictures of the party are pretty self explanatory.

We're ready...

Now the fun begins - the gang on the patio.

Ryan, Elliott, and Cooper
Benjamin and Elizabeth
Jessica and Laura opening their gifts. Their friend Joanne and her baby Jill in the background.

The party was a big success. I am glad so many of their friends could come and help us celebrate. And I'm glad it's over!! It was very hard to keep the party a secret - but we did!


TLEB said...

I'm so impressed that you all kept it a secret so well! The funny thing is I think Elizabeth knew about it - she said something about the suprise party that day (but I just thought she meant the dinner we were having with you) and then she said something after it was over how she kept it a great secret! We had a great time - thanks for going to so much trouble for us.

jessica said...

Great pics! It was adorable!