Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Days

September was such a busy month for me, and for our family. I didn't take lots of pictures, but I did have a few more to share. So many "big" things for our little ones. And I am so thrilled that we live here and are able to be a part of these special times in their lives.

Ben and Cooper are 3, and this is their year for Zoo School! Elizabeth went when she was 3, and it was so much fun. They only go 1 morning a week, which is perfect for them and for mom. They learn about the different animals and every week they go on a zoo walk and see different animals. They also have a zoo visitor each week in their classroom. Every now and then there is a day when parents {and grandparents:-) } can come along on the zoo walk. I went nearly every time with Elizabeth, because Laura was watching Cooper then and we would have both boys in the double stroller and then either Laura or I would walk with Elizabeth. This year I am not needed for "help" but I won't miss the walk if I am in town!

Here are our 2 best buddies waiting for school to start.
Wouldn't you love to have them in your class? The 2 together can get a little "crazy!"
This picture is after school - new T shirts and a back to school bag from Grandma. Of course it is a ferocious lion!! Perfect for Zoo School!
Another fun day in September was Grandparent's Day at Elizabeth's school. They just had the grandparents come for breakfast before school. Elizabeth was lucky enough to have all 4 grandparents attend.
Posing outside her classroom near her work. She is covering up her name:-)
And later that same day I went to lunch with Elizabeth. She had called and invited me and of course I couldn't say no to that invitation! We had our favorite - Subway!
Just a few more glimpses of our fun ~ I need to get going and get a few more fall decorations out! I did get a big job done yesterday, but there are several more on my list. It feels good to be back and getting back into a routine!

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TLEB said...

You got some great pictures of the kids - I'm glad to see the pictures of lunch with Elizabeth!