Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

What is a beautiful fall day without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch? It was hot, just like last year but the kids think it is so fun. And the grownups think it is a great opportunity for some pictures of our cute pumpkins. {couldn't resist}

Here are B and E. Ben is sporting his new haircut. Grandma and Mommy are still adjusting.
Pretty pumpkin princess.
Sporty spider?
Another scary spider and the sweetest candy corn ever. I could just eat him up!!
I think perhaps he is more like a butterball!
4 little pumpkins sitting on a bench...
And for the grand finale - the corn maze. We have not done this before, and the kids wanted to try it. So, why not? When we first started I thought we should go down each little path, to make it last longer. HA I mean how hard could it be, it was just a little patch of corn. Well, it was hard, and it was hot. There was a nice breeze that day, but not in the rows of tightly packed corn. It was HOT. Grandma doesn't like hot. But thankfully a nice farmer was in there and directed us to the way out. Next time Grandpa is coming in too.


TLEB said...

You got some great pictures, too. I'm so glad you guys were able to come with us to the pumpkin patch! We had a great time, even in the hot corn maze!

jessica said...

So cute. We had a great time too! Maybe next year it will feel like fall when we go.

Debbie said...

Cute AND fun!! I haven't visited a pumpkin patch in years. I should have done it while my girls were home from school, but I guess it loses some of the magic when the youngest one in the group is 18.

I have done a corn maze. They are great fun! I know that I don't need to tell you this, but you are blessed with adorable grandchildren.