Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally, Home

I feel like I have been gone forever!! Our last trip was to the cabin to close it up for the winter. We will not be going back until we open it, sometime in May. We picked this week hoping to see the fall color and enjoy some cooler temps. We got the cool weather that's for sure - I think it was only in the 60's and that's a big change for us.

We were only at the cabin for a week, but I wanted some fall color for the porch. I picked up the pretty pot of mums at the grocery store and enjoyed them all week. When we left we took them to our neighbors {and high school friends} for them to enjoy. {and to thank them for watching over our place while we are so far away}
The view from the deck. I wish my camera took better pictures...the colors in all of these pictures were much more vibrant than they appear.

We spent one gorgeous day driving to some "antique" stores in the area and to enjoy the leaves on the way. The leaves were beautiful, but I had to snap my pics out the front window, as the roads were narrow and had no great place to pull over.

This last picture is our front yard, looking like it needs a little red!! Most of our trees turned shades of yellow, so I think next fall we need to plant a few red maples.
This is just a quick post, just to let you know we are still here! I have the day to myself today and plan to hit a few of the projects on my loooong list. It is a beautiful, cool day here in Texas and I need to take advantage of it and get busy!!


Debbie said...

I can hardly stand it; it's just so beautiful!!! I'm just not that much of a beach girl. My idea of a retreat would be exactly like that. If I could "package" the autumn to go along with it, all the better.

Your spirit must feel at complete rest there. I really love it.

TLEB said...

We're so happy you're back, mom! We missed you!