Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is That All?

Yep, this is about all the cleaning and organizing and decorating for fall that I have done. It's really disgraceful ~ except this was a bigger project that it looks. I didn't just hang up some towels and soap and call it good.

This is a Jack and Jill bath between the boys and girls bedrooms upstairs. It is nice to have but it is small. There are 5 doors in this little space and I am always bumping into one of them. When we moved here recently {ha ~ it was 3 years ago !} I set up Elizabeth's side and just put a lot of junk in the boys. {they were just babies after all } Didn't even clean out the drawers!! Anyone who knows me knows I like my drawers to be neat ~ even more so than the counter they're under. So, who knows what my problem was. {To confess, I think part of the problem is I just don't like this bathroom ~ I don't like the tile or the granite or really anything about it. And that is disgraceful because I am very lucky to have a space just for the grandchildren and I know it. Shame on me. }

Anyhoo ~ it's finally done. Drawers cleaned out, and lined with fresh paper, a trip to Target to buy drawer organizers {one of my favorite things:-) } and new toothbrushes, and princess bandaids and new black and orange towels for Halloween. All of the rugs are washed, etc, etc.

So here it is in all its glory. My camera is so messed up on color, the walls are yellow in here and those little towels are bright orange and green.

You have to have pumpkin soap ~ 1 on a rope and 1 for the tub.

This is Elizabeth's side.
There ~ all done. Now, I think I'll tackle my bathroom. Those cupboards are really yucky!!


The Martys said...

Wow it looks good. I have seen the bathroom so I know you did a lot of work. Love that rug!! Where did you get that cute soap on a rope? Please don't tell me Marshalls last year. It also looks like you did a little reorganizing. I see a chair in E's room that used to be in the boys room.

Janean said...

looks halloweenish! very cute & i bet your grands love it. :)

Sue said...

Well, I hate to tell you Amy that I got the soap on a rope I think at Marshalls this year ~ and I am trying to get E's room a little cuter so I put the reading corner in her room ~ we'll see...

TLEB said...

The bathroom looks great!! Will you come over and do my organizing please :) :) ?!?!

Debbie said...

Well, I think it's adorable. The little pumpkin mat is so cute and goes with your bright oranges. The beauty of it is that you can do holiday switcheroo to your heart's content. I have a hunch those grandchildren just love to discover what will end up there next. I need to find a room to do like that.

Oh, who am I kidding? I can't keep up with what I AM doing... sighing.