Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Club

What if you gave a party and no one came? That was me this morning. Our October book club meeting was today and I was ready!! We were even going to sit outside and have a fire and everything.

I knew the group would be small this month as 2 of our regulars were going to be out of town. Then someone had something at a child's school and dropped out earlier this week. But there were still going to be 4 of us and that would be a cozy group. Well, one's child got sick last night and the other had to run into work today so that left Shelley and me. When she called to say she would be a little late I told her to enjoy her day and not to worry!

So instead, I will sit out by the fire by myself and read a book. Not a bad way to spend the day after all.
{and bring back all of the piles of junk that I ran around and hid last night:-) }


TLEB said...

You should have called me - the kids and I would have come!! (But maybe you had a better time enjoying some peace and quiet in a clean house!)

Janean said...

it all looks fab....many more than you invited have now enjoyed it. yay!