Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Planning for Fun!

We are planning a family vacation for early next year here! This will greatly simplify our Christmas shopping this year that's for sure. We took our girls to WDW when they were in kindergarten and thought that it was such a perfect age. Elizabeth is at the same age, and so loving the "princess" thing that we decided we would like to take the whole gang this year.

Bob is here on business this week, and I tagged along so that we could check out a few places and try to start planning.
We will spend a lot of time here.
And I am hoping that we will stay here..........isn't it lovely??
I know Elizabeth will want to meet her!
And our grandson Cooper will LOVE meeting him. I know Ben will love it too, but Cooper is a little obsessed with "Fuzz Lightyear".
We will have a wonderful time, I know. Watching their faces will be the highlight of the trip for me, I may have to walk through the park backwards just to experience all of their joy and wonder. I know the kids will love it all!!

We popped into one of the many gift shops to buy a few trinkets to fill a box for them for Christmas. Just a few little things to let them know what's coming up. I can't wait!!


The Martys said...

THEY ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!! I can't wait for you to capture it all on film.

TLEB said...

Whoo hoo - we can't wait!!! I can't wait until Christmas so we can tell the kids...they are going to be so excited - and so am I!! I can't wait!!