Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun in the Sun

It is HOT.

I think that has been stated a few times around blog land. And here in Texas we know how to do hot up right ..........over 100 for the last several days.

So, the house is a mess.

I have a huge pile of ironing.

I have huge piles of lots of things.

And this is where you will find me most afternoons. At least I am getting some books read!
Sometimes, when I am lucky, I am joined by a princess or two.
Lots of fun things have been going on around here, I just don't have the pictures to prove it. We had good friends from Kansas down for a weekend, and my sister made her annual trip to shop and have a little vacation from her 2 little ones, but even with the company, this is where we were.

But, as I shop the aisles of stores like Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and the like, I see some hope ahead. The fall decor is out, and it is starting the old "back to school" know the one that makes you rush out to buy crayons and tablets and any other fun school supplies you see even though you haven't had children in school for YEARS. {and how many crayons do the grandchildren really use...but still I buy}

Anyway, the point is I do see the end of my pool days coming soon, so instead of feeling guilty, I think I will enjoy it while I can! So, I'm off to float!


Debbie said...

If I had a beautiful pool retreat like that I would ditch the ironing and stay in it all day too!

I have seen the fall invasion (even Christmas invasion) at our Hobby Lobby too. I have to look in the other direction and sing a happy song in my head. Summer is miserable, but I am just not brave enough to face Christmas yet! Grin.

TLEB said...

I, also, took a turn in Hobby Lobby and ended up in the Christmas section - what?!? I am ready for the 100 degrees to be done - we'll be coming by to float soon! :)

The Martys said...

Ah, that looks inviting! Although, not the 100 degrees. Hope it cools off in a couple of weeks. I am planning a back to school party and think I should start stocking up on some goodies.

jessica said...

adorable picture of E and the princesses! She definitely is the princess around here! I too am tired of this heat! We need to come over more often to float! :)