Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playing Hard

I had my camera out for just a few of our other activities during the week. We spent a lot of time in the pool, and I didn't take any pictures there! Because I was in the water!! {have I mentioned that it is hot here?}

One day Laura had us for dinner and another day she had us over for lunch. Emma and Evan loved the ball pit.
Laura made these cute kitty cupcakes in honor of Emma and Evan's 2 cats, Crunch and Molly.
Emma and Evan got a new bounce house while they were in Texas. I think there will be lots of fun times in here.

They also played in the playhouse. They both fit in the door on this trip, we'll see how they are next visit. Both our boys could go in when we first put it up, and now they have to duck!
Lot's of cooking going on.
Emma brought her dishes up to the cabana to have a little snack.

It is hot in the playhouse, so they played in the morning for awhile, and then it was in the pool for all of us. We celebrated our grandson Jackson's first birthday while they were here and I will post a few picture of that tomorrow.

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