Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jackson is 1 !!

Our sweet Jackson turned 1 on August 19th. We were invited to his house to play at the splash park and then come home for lunch and cake. His party wasn't for a few days, but he had to have a little something on his big day.

This is the darling shirt Auntie Laura got him for his birthday. A friend of Laura's is starting a business and I think it will be a success.
Cousin Elizabeth helped hold his hat in place. He wasn't too sure, but he had his eye on his mom who was doing something interesting with fire and food! Jackson loves to eat!
The birthday boy.
Now this is the party. Darling table of sweet treats.
Auntie Laura made the cake and it was as good as it looked.
More decorations.
Jackson couldn't take his eyes off of this cake. He remembered the yummy treat he got a couple of days ago and he wanted this one.
So did brother Cooper. I love how he is stealing a lick while the other 2 are being sweet for the picture.
Jackson is sharing a little with mommy.

Bob and me with our very favorites!! They don't look at the camera easily but they are all adorable.
The family....more favorites.
We are blessed.


jessica said...

Cute photos! I love the one of Cooper stealing licks off of Jackson's cake! So perfect.

Debbie said...

Oh yes, you are MOST blessed! I love the pictures of your family. My favorite of all is the sneaky finger picture. I just LOVE that. I would frame it and display it somewhere.

Tell your daughter that she makes a great cake! That's a skill that I don't have, and I pout about it. (Because pouting is apparently easier than practice???)

Thanks for letting people like me peek into your life. It's the sort that I dream of having one day when my own two girls get a little older.

TLEB said...

It was such a fun birthday - I can't believe that Jackson is one already!!