Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy New Year To Me!!

Kind of a funny title for a post, I know, but there IS a reason.

I have had such a fun summer, with lots of travel, and company, and floating on a raft in the pool. If I wasn't busy with someone, I was busy being lazy in my pool. Many of my good habits went by the wayside this summer and I need to get them back.

I am one of those kind of people that need a date to begin something ~ and I really like January 1 for some really BIG changes. But that's too long to wait and I thought September is like the beginning of the year to me too. As a student for many years, then a teacher, then a mother of students, and then a teacher again, I have begun many years in September.

So, great idea, start everything on September 1, just as I do in January. But, I will not be home on September 1, in fact I will be gone 14 out of the 30 days in September. SO, the usual me would not start anything, because it could not be done perfectly ~ and I would continue on with many bad habits.

But instead I am going to begin my changes anyway ~ and here are my hopes for the fall.

1. Spiritual ~ I will be beginning my bible study for fall on Isaiah and I want to remain faithful and complete each lesson each week and even a little early if possible.
~get back into the groove of my morning quiet time.
~be more faithful in my church attendance, a little slack this summer.

2. Physical ~ back on the dreaded treadmill for 30 minutes M-F. I hate doing this, but I will admit I feel better when I do.
~Journal my eating. {maybe I won't eat it if I have to write it?}
~Drink my water.
~No eating after 8pm.

3. Home and organization ~ where do I begin? EVERY WHERE!!!
I would ideally like the whole house done by Thanksgiving ~ but that is a big job for me. I will try to post my progress on Mondays ~ for some accountability.
~Fall decor out and weeded through

4. Social ~ Hmmm...get a social life.
We moved here to TX 3 years ago and spend the majority of our time alone or with our children~which we love to do. But we do know a few people and we need to make more of an effort to have them over.

Suzanne at Southern Inspiration is hosting a Get It Done party and I am joining in. Please go to her blog to read all about it, I found out about it from Debbie. Thanks !!

Today is a day of travel for us {ick} and then I will be without the internet for a few days:-(
I WILL check in with my progress on any and all hopes when I return.

Good luck to all of you that are planning on some changes...anyone else want to join us?


Debbie said...

Yay! I feel so much better when on a journey with companions. Glad you will be my companion on this one. I love your spiritual and physical goals. I have not done an indepth Bible study apart from SS since this spring. I'm hoping to be in one too. I do so much better when guided by a planned study.

Godspeed and travel graces to you!

jessica said...

Wow, good for you! Maybe once we get into our new house (once we sell our house now and FIND a new one) I can start some goals of my own. Right now it's "keep my house as clean as possible at all times!) Have fun on vacation!

Rettabug said...

I'm impressed with your goals & wish you good luck! You've got me thinking about making some of my own. I feel the same way about Sept. 1st.

Loved to see the recent pics of the g'kidlets...your Elizabeth & my sweet Caroline are the same age & even have the same brown jersey dress with pink ribbon! I recognized it!! LOL

TLEB said...

I didn't think you would be posting since you were out of town so I haven't been on here to check - then Chrissy said you had posted! So, I love the Sept 1st idea. It makes me want to start my own...but it's already past Sept 1 - I guess not too far though. I might just have to join you!!