Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Raining ~ It's Pouring!

Wow - do we have a lot of rain! It started sprinkling yesterday, and then continued on and off throughout the night. It was so nice to wake up and hear the rain on the roof. {I am enjoying the sound, only because we haven't had rain for awhile, so it feels very cozy. Ask me again in a few days if it doesn't quit:-) }

It rained hard all morning, and at some point this morning in between downpours I ran out to empty an overflowing rain gauge and take some pictures. I think we have about 6 -7 inches of rain so far!

This is the only picture of our neighborhood pond that I could find. If you enlarge the picture you can see a stone wall in back of the pond. I have no idea how high it is, but at the peak of the rain today the water was at the top of the wall. The pond is not really a real pond, but it is a retention pond where a lot of the water from my neighborhood goes.

So where does all that water go you might ask? Right through this spillway, which is the back of my yard. Officially my yard is on this side of the fence, but you can see that it is really close to our yard. The water was roaring over the wall, right into my backyard.
The trees got a little wet!
This is the ditch in the back of our yard, where all the water runs. I would say it is about 3 -4 feet deep in this picture. It was running pretty hard, and would have been fun to set a little boat at one end and watch in race through the water. My little grandson Cooper is coming over at supper time and we just may have to try it!
I thought I would get a lot accomplished today since I stayed home all day. Not! I visited on the phone with several people, some fun, and some just phone calls to return. I had better get busy though because tomorrow our neighborhood book club will meet for our new year and they are coming here.


Debbie said...

What a lot of water!! Yikes... and yet from my safe perch behind my computer it actually looks pretty!

The Martys said...

Wow.... that is a lot of rain. We sure could use that here. Stay safe and away from the rushing water.

TLEB said...

Wow - you did get a ton of water in your back yard - I was surprised to see how high it rose!