Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chicago Fun

Ever since we knew we would be in Chicago for this conference, we have been planning a trip to the American Girl Store. We have one in Texas, but it is a smaller version and they don't have the full restaurant and theater. Well, the Chicago store doesn't have a theater anymore either so that was a disappointment, but they still have a darling cafe. Elizabeth and Ben are ready with their babies. Ben was feeling left out as he doesn't have a Bitty Baby, so he "borrowed" a doll from his sister. Here they are waiting outside on the sidewalk. We are waiting for Cooper to arrive from the airport.
Cooper is here and we are seated at our really cute table. The kids are checking it all out.
Cute Ben
Blurry Cooper (but still cute)
Elizabeth and her baby. Elizabeth has the matching dress to her dolls, and when I asked her why she wasn't wearing it - she said my mom picked out my clothes (I think with a trace of disgust in her voice.) I think she looked darling in her cupcake dress, but I know she always loves to wear her matching dress. It's getting a little small, so I wish they would come out with a cute new one. The ones they have now aren't that great.
Our darling dessert - it's all about the cute!!

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