Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Fall Y'All

It has been raining for days in Texas. Welcome to fall!! We don't get pretty colors, we get rain, and then the leaves turn brown and fall off. I'm glad they are still on the trees, it isn't very pretty here when they are gone. I have been doing a very little fall decorating and thought I'd share. Here's the front of the house - see all that orange? All I did was 4 little pumpkins for my 4 little pumpkins.
Now it's a little closer and you can see the pumpkins.

My front door decoration lost a few sunflowers during its time in the attic. I'll have to add a few next year. It isn't until you take pictures of your house or yard that you see all the things that could be made better. I try to take pictures every year of the things I do, then I can see all the changes I should make in the future.
The above pictures are all of the front door area - the door hardly anyone uses. This is the kitchen door on the side of the house. The driveway goes right by it so usually everyone uses this door. I don't usually decorate here, but thought I'd do these pumpkin "things". I don't think they qualify as topiaries, they are just a wreath and a pumpkin. But they add a touch of fall to the place most people see. I like to sit on that bench as the grandchildren ride bikes or play with bubbles and chalk on the driveway.
I'll try and clean up the inside and take a few pictures of my few things. I don't do a lot for fall - lots of pumpkin candles and that's about it! Hopefully I can get some pictures of the cute little pumpkins that visit me!!


The Martys said...

Love the pumpkins and pansy idea. did you buy them like that? Very cute.

Sue said...

No - I actually planted those pansies. I would like to take credit for the idea, but I have had that written down in my fall notes for a long time.